Republican Consulting

To impact public policy and government funding for the benefit of our clients.

Services to our clients enhances their financial stability and improves the regulatory environment in which they operate allowing them to focus more time and energy on their true mission.

Do you react to whatever government decisions come your way? Wouldn't you rather be proactive and influence those decisions before they are made? What impact will the Affordable Care Act finally being implemented have on your organization? What opportunities for new services will it create? The lingering impact of the Great Recession has the economy growing at a snails pace and government revenues for services and education have not rebounded. When will they? Will they rebound at all? .


In an ever more complex world in which old paradigms and priorities cannot be sustained and new ones are being created, you need someone to help you navigate and be your compass to make the right decisions, to develop the right strategy. We are a bi-partisan firm with 20 + years of experience and a proven track record of success. I want to put my experience, knowledge and connections to work for you to keep your organization or issue on the minds of the key decision makers. I also have an impressive list of other firms, consultants and trainers within Kentucky and across the country that I have developed strong, trusting ties. They are available to my clients, when needed.


"Our lobbyist, Bart Baldwin, spent countless hours with us, guiding us through the delicate, chess-like maneuvers of professional politics. Bart is a true defender of the rights of our children with autism." - Janet Pope and Anne Gregory - Both Mothers of a child with Autism


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