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Existing Clients:

Previous Successful Clients:

  • Autism Speaks: We successfully passed HB 159 in the 2010 Kentucky Legislative Session. HB 159 required that private health insurance plans in Kentucky provide coverage for children with Autism. The bill also set up a licensure requirement and licensure board for Applied Behavior Analysts. For more information see the following link:

  • Phyllis Sparks: On behalf of Kentucky’s children with dyslexia and other similar disorders we passed HB 69. HB 69 required Kentucky schools to utilize a process known as Response to Intervention to identify the best teaching and learning methods for a child very early in their educational career.

  • Alliance for Children and Families: Based in Milwaukee with Government Affairs staff in Washington DC. For a little over two years I consulted with their Government Affairs staff on topics ranging from Child Welfare Financing Reform to Medicaid Behavioral Health Services.

  • Kentucky Association of Pastoral Counselors: We successfully passed SB 61 during the 2014 Kentucky Legislative Session. This legislation secured and aided the future growth of the profession by modernizing their title and changing their credentials from a state certification to a state license.