Republican Consulting

Bi-Partisan Legislative Lobbying:

  • Public Policy Priorities Development
  • Education of the process and the possibilities
  • Issue Development
  • Message Development
  • Political Strategy
  • Legislation Analysis
  • Identifying and contacting key decision makers
  • Grassroots advocacy effort development and implementation
  • Appropriations
    • Industry wide improvements
    • Funding for individual organizations
    • Funding to support proposed bills that will increase costs
  • Routine updates throughout legislative session

Bi-Partisan Executive Branch Lobbying:

  • State budget development
    • Department, Cabinet and Governor’s office level
    • Identifying and contacting key decision makers
  • Regulations
    • Regulatory Analysis
    • Drafting comments and Testifying
    • Identifying and contacting key decision makers
  • Procurement
    • Research and identifying goals and expectations of procurement
    • Advising client on process

Bi-Partisan Federal Lobbying:

  • Kentucky Delegation
  • Various advocacy and think tank organizations in D.C.

Bi-Partisan Local Government Lobbying:

  • Local Elected Officials
  • Local administrative Officials

National and Multi-state Organizations:

  • Strategy for success in Kentucky
  • Message Development
  • Political Strategy

Increasing effective Advocacy Capacity for your organization:

  • Advocacy education and training for staff and volunteer Board Members
  • Developing a grassroots advocacy network and strategy
  • Developing a grasstops advocacy network and strategy
  • Development of Board Advocacy Capacity and Committees
  • Non-profit lobbying what a 501 © 3 can and can’t do in the world of lobbying

Third Sector Business Development (Non-profits, human services, health care and education):

  • Identifying potential funding sources
  • Maximizing funding from government sources
  • Research and strategy development for changes in services or new services development
  • Regulatory and contractual requirements for new services
  • Analysis of fiscal impact on organization
  • Assistance in business development outreach to key decision makers and potential partners
  • Development of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Lobbying on behalf or organization

Coalition Development and Advocacy:

  • Structure of Coalition
  • Bylaws and organizational development
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Consultation and education for effective advocacy
  • Lobbying on behalf of Coalition